Our virtual trip to Mars is almost over...

We were more than 70 million km away from the Earth in search of a world similar to ours. And what we now know is that Mars is no place for the faint-hearted. Home to the largest volcano in the solar system, the deepest canyon, crazy weather and temperature variations, arid, rocky, cold, Mars does not offer much hospitality. And that's why it is a challenge for the bravest among us. Fans of extreme sports and adventures can enjoy the wild nature, scientists and explorers can find the answers to their questions.

We have already learned much more about Mars than about any of the other planetary bodies except for our Moon. But many questions still remain. Future explorations will give answers to foundamental questions, such as: how terrestrial planets form and evolve; how life came into being on our home planet, and whether we are alone in the universe. And to many concrete questions also: What resources are available at the surface for our future use; how stable is the climate of Mars today....

Searching for these answers can also involve the big ground-based telescopes (VLT, ALMA), as well as the planned future space missions. Because by understanding Mars and its evolution as a planet, a better understanding of Earth will be achieved. Mars is the next logical step in the expansion of the human race into the space and the only real candidate for future human explorations and colonizations.

We believe that this will soon become a reality. And once have visited Mars we'll surely want to come back!

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